“How like little children you appear to me. How small is your comprehension and yet… there is a seed in you. The Old Gods died and gave birth to the New. These New Gods, even such as I, must also pass, in our turn. Our search was long and our war continues, but we found the planetary cradle of the Gods to Come… you are only forerunners.”

“It’s said that the old gods made the races of the fourth world in their image. From this, we can surmise that they were dicks.”
~Hastily-scrawled passage in a journal, found in the spire.

Tucked away in a remote nebula, three planets orbit a star. The first two, Modus and Exyimo, gave rise to beings of a higher order, who proceeded to ardently disagree with one another over the way Things Ought to Be. Exyimo was the very soul of nature; verdant growth, spectacular creatures, and astonishing magicks were their hallmark. Conversely, Modus approached reality in an analytic manner: science, and eventually technology were the order of the day.

Unsurprisingly, they spent an awful lot of time trying to blow the crap out of one another.

The third planet, Probo, developed in the aftermath of one of the countless wars that wracked the system, and grew up as a launching pad for numerous proxy skirmishes. Its culture and technology were heavily shaped by generations of these seemingly godlike creatures using it to get at each other.

That was a long time ago.

Now, the magnificent structures of old are in decay, the world a classic dystopia. The few labor, toil, and suffer for the benefit and amusement of the many. The legacy of those who once called themselves gods has faded, with only the relics of this bygone age as a reminder that anything came before.

Well, those, and MMTR, who occasionally shows up in a flash of godlike power, says some godlike stuff, but never seems to do much of anything other than observe. Also, spew cryptic B.S.

Regardless, it’s not the worst place to be in the top 1% – everybody else is unlikely to enjoy their time. Still, for those who find themselves there, what can be done? It’s not like Escape is a viable option.


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