Kira Steele


Virtue: Redemption


Kira is the daughter of a human doctor and a Night One artist raised in a middle class area of Seattle. She was an up and coming research doctor working for a division of Aztechnology. She began a partnership with Rafael Cruz, a young executive that greatly boosted his career and promised to to do a great deal of good. Cruz began a project was to develop a drug that would help exotic metavariants get past biological difficulties adapting to cybernetics. Kira and her team was progressing nicely with the drug research when she found out that researchers in one branch of the project were engaging in for illegal, and often inhumane, experimentation on metavariants. When she learns about the research Kira goes to Cruz with her discovery. She learns that he not only knew about the research but he was personally overseeing the research himself. Kira realized that the only way she could hope to stop the project would be to kill Cruz and hope the project got caught up in corporate red tape when the company tried to find his replacement.

Kira Steele

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